You’ve probably seen videos of police officers in cuffs with helmets that are emblazoned with the logo of a popular brand called Metrolite or Impact Helmets. The helmets have the words Protect Your Head and Face on them. They are also emblazoned with an eagle and shield design that seems to be designed for the military.

And while you’re at it, why not put this bullet-resistant headgear to use by wearing it while biking? Let’s face it: our sport is violent. When you’re involved in it, you will be struck by other motorist or object. This can cause serious injury. Some injuries may be minor. Others may be life threatening.

A bulletproof helmet helps you stay secure during these violent encounters. These MICH helmet are made with extra layers of foam and Kevlar to protect the wearer from impacts to your skull. Many are lined with argon to increase their impact absorption capacity.


What about impact energy? A helmet that reflects off the impact instead of absorbing it reduces the energy that goes into your head and your chances of brain damage or death caused by the impact energy. It reduces the noise and bruising that comes from a direct hit to the head.

And while you’re at it, what better way to protect your ears, nose, lips, and scalp from a concussion than with a helmet that absorbs impact energy and dissipates it?

Metrolite offers high cut models of its Impact Helmets. In addition to absorbing impact energy, the high cut model provides an improved seal to reduce air pockets that will help keep your helmet safe during travel. One feature common among high cut helmets is a molded impact absorbing lining.

An air pocket is a small space where air bubbles gather, which when compressed between two helmets causes the expanded air to compact and create an airtight seal around the inside of the helmet.

Wearing Ballistic Helmet

Most DOT approved helmets offer high cut models too. High cut models are designed to reduce impact deflection, to make the wearer more protected, and to fit snugly on the head. They usually have extra padding built in for added protection and comfort.

The high cut design is useful because it cradles the head and reduces the direct path a concussion will take to the brain. A bullet proof helmet may be all they think about when they buy one. There are many different types of impact absorption, including impact absorption through fiberglass or ceramic foam, through hard plastic, through silicon gel, and through Kevlar.

Choosing the right helmet depends upon how often the rider will use it, if any, what the conditions are, and what kind of riding the rider does. Some impact absorption materials absorb impact energy at a greater rate than others. There are other helmet protective features that are designed to enhance and improve safety and comfort.

Some designs include straps that wrap around the chin and neck. This allows for easy installation and removal. Many helmets also feature chin and cheek guards. These guard the teeth and cheeks from impacts so that they cannot accidentally break.

ballistic helmet

Many designs have also incorporated carbon fiber or fiberglass in certain areas to provide extra strength and durability. All of the features and options available to riders provide great benefits of wearing a high cut ballistic helmet. Head injuries have been responsible for the death of many people over the years.

Wearing this type of helmet can mean the difference between life and death. If you don’t wear one, someone else could. Find the right one for your needs and enjoy many benefits of wearing a ballistic helmet.