Whether it’s time to sell or purchase, Property Tracker gives property owners instant access to market listings and property information such as price and square footage information right on their desktop. What could be better than that? You can literally get real-time price quotes and other property information right on your computer.

Whether you’re selling your home, looking for a new home to invest in, or just have an investment prospect, this property tracker can bring all the information you need to make the best decision possible. Real time rent and mortgage expense reports. Most Online property tracker programs have a built-in, online tenant records database that automatically pulls important expense reports, such as taxes, insurance, vacancies, repairs, damage, etc.


From your bank and financial institution’s financial reports database. With this property tracker program, the entire search area will be automatically drawn onto the map so you can zoom in on neighborhoods and cities to find the perfect fit. There’s also a detailed report customization with your individual search parameters that includes square footage, price range, markets value, type of carpeting, etc.

This is a simple solution for finding out how much your rent is or what your monthly mortgage payment is. Financial reports and vacancy rates. A property tracker can pull rent and mortgage reports from your bank, lenders, financial institution, landlord’s website, and various web-based sources. With these financial reports and vacancy rates, you’ll be able to quickly determine if there are any fluctuations in your monthly budget.

In addition, you can get important insight on how to strategically increase your monthly income and reduce your expenses. This can help in making smart decisions regarding home purchases and selling. Key financial indicators. A property tracker comes equipped with powerful and easy to use, web-based tools that allow you to quickly and easily track key financial indicators such as contract renewals, delinquencies, vacancies, repairs, cost overruns, etc.


The real estate investments management tool automatically downloads and exports vital information to your desktop for future analysis. It allows you to view contract renewals and key vacancies, rent trends, cost overruns, cost reductions, etc. Additionally, it provides comprehensive data on key lenders and financial institutions that provide mortgages.

Augmented reality technology. A property tracker app can integrate augmented reality technologies such as augmented reality maps, 3D digital images, video capture, live streaming videos, etc. The main goal of these augmented reality technologies is to enhance the user experience by providing the information that you need while using the app. For instance, a video could show a potential property that is currently under contract.

Byooming in on this property in high definition (which the real estate app has automatically pulled), you could get an idea of how much the property is worth. Flexibility and access to all information. As well as being able to instantly obtain and keep track of relevant financial information, you also have access to all your records, data and expenses at one place.


You can even export this information to Microsoft Excel or CSV. You will never be left in the dark again. This is important especially if you run a multiple property business and have multiple properties with different tenants paying different rents. Efficient communication with property managers. With the app you are able to communicate with your property manager’s online.

This means you are always in control of your rental accounts and are able to offer the best rental services to prospective tenants. Relevancy. As you can imagine, landlords play a major role in tenant selection. The accuracy of information provided by the app would depend largely on the data and information that are entered into the system. Therefore, if you use this app, you are able to create precise tenant profiles and keep them updated at all times. Your property, tenants and your landlord can all benefit from the use of this app.