Hardwood timber desk is made from the slow-growing tree name deciduous. It takes too much time to grow. It comes in many variants of colors and finishes. It is easily suited to both traditional and occurring house settings. That is why it is so popular and people are always searching for hardwood timber decks supplier in Melbourne like the Quality discount timber Melbourne. The selection of timber species is chosen from a pine tree, ironbark, black butt. These species are durable and well maintained.

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Worth Of Timber In House

Timber decks is a great venture, which create visual enrichment of your life style. Adding hardwood timber decks gives value to your house. Timber decks expand homes living space.

Durability Classes Of Timber Decks

Class 1

In this class the best class timber is classified. The timber of 1st class lasts up to 50 years. Cypress, spotted gum, ironbark and blackbutt are some examples of timber wood.

Class 2

The second-class timber shows less durability after 30 years. Jarrah, stringybark and blue gum are some examples.


The species of class 3 are live up to 15 years when it is placed above ground level. If class 3 wood used as a protected area, then its lifespan will be up to 50 years.

Class 4

In class four, the weakest timber for ducking is consider. It does not last long more than 8 years. Pine decking is known as the cheapest decking available in market. It is well suited with Perth climate. The lifespan of pine decking is 5 to 8 years if it exposed outside the weather.

Types Of Decking:

Mainly we have composite decking, vinyl decking, redwood decking, cedar decking.

  1. Composite decking: It is made from recycling of wood and plastic. They are available in variety of colours.
  2. Vinyl decking: It is a Polyvinyl Chloride with no wood content. It comes in market with 25 years of warranty.
  3. Redwood decking: It is an expensive decking. The materials for redwood ducking are available in west coast.

Timber Decks

Advantages And Disadvantages:

As we know that timber comes from many benefits but Hardwood ducking have some drawbacks


  • Hardwood timber is a high-quality material.
  • The durability of material last for many years.
  • The hardwood timber design with a limitless option.
  • The fire resistant of hardwood timber is great.


  • The hardwood timber is very difficult to install.
  • The prizes of hardwood timber are very high. Not everyone can effort it.
  • The material for timber wood ducking takes times to grow.
  • The timber ducking needs a regular maintenance.


The sizes of timber ducking are depending upon the species of material. The available size of timber wood ducking is 64 mm up to 136mm * 19mm to 22 mm in thickness.


The hardwood timber ducking is made up from slow growing trees. It comes with a variety of colours with finishes. Hardwood gives richness to house. These materials are of high quality with durability in nature. The life span of hardwood timber decks is up to 50 years. Maintenance is required with oiling as well as staining per year. That is why People are always searching for suppliers who can give them the best quality hardwood timber decks.