The na has landed on the Desktop with a new faster, and more accurate version of their web application. The NA team is excited to share this experience with you, as it will enhance your game play in League of Legends for years to come and provide you with a range of predictive analytics for upcoming matches.

Not to mention the enhancements they are making. On the mobile side! In addition, they have reworked their website and made it more reliable than ever before so that you can keep up-to-date on what’s going on even when you’re out of town or busy at work.

NA Version Of OP.GG

Why Should You Use It?

It provides players with an overview of their games, including news, ranked information, player performance (kills/deaths), team standings, recent matches, match history, and video highlights, all from one place!

Players can also find replays on our website by searching through thousands upon thousands uploaded daily or browsing some popular ones we have compiled, like ‘League’s Best Plays.’ The NA version allows you to see everything about any league you’re interested in, such as LCS North America, which has been around since 2013!

The NA version of OP.GG is faster and more accurate than ever before so that you can keep up-to-date on what’s going on even when you’re out of town or busy at work.

The NA version allows players to create their account, manage their inboxes, view replays they have uploaded themselves (with the original files still saved), follow any league they want with alerts for new content, and even chat in real-time! The experience isn’t just about games and information; it’s also a social platform to meet people from all over North America who share your interest in competitive gaming!

Pros Of Na Op. Gg

Pros of na op. gg

The pros of na op. gg is that there is a chat room where you can meet other players who share your interest in the LCS, and it’s easy to find out when new matches start because of push notifications

Cons of na op. gg

The NA version does not have all features such as viewing articles or viewing game records, whereas the Korean version has this ability. The NA version also cannot do things like creating custom games, making it difficult for solo queue.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at information about League of Legends North America (which has been around since 2013!) or any other region; the faster OP.GG speed will help keep you updated on what’s going on even when busy with work

Which site should I use for item builds in Championify? -> Either or, but not both

When you go to the statistics page on, it is helpful that you can click a region of your choice.

Wouldn’t it be better for Championify to compile the op. gg builds from the Korean version, given that they have been more responsive? The European versions also get updated relatively quickly, whereas NA ones are slower than both (obviously due to low sample size).

Higher ranked players are the primary focus of KR and EUW, meaning we’d have to work with a larger sample size for future builds. I propose considering this moving forward.

Final Thoughts

It’s also essential to note that is different from the na op. gg for IOS, Android, and web browsers (approximate sizes are: iPhone at 12Mb vs. Desktop at 100Mb). The NA version of OP.GG has landed on your Desktop!

This post was written by: Joe Smith – Marketing Manager here at OP.GG