Granny flats are a great addition to any present house, especially if you need additional space, a place for your children or elderly relatives to live, or affordable investment property. This totally self-contained home expansion is built on the same parcel of land as your primary residence and can share the backyard space or be separated from it by fencing.

If you’re considering adding this tiny home to your property, it’s a good idea to conduct some study first to prevent some typical mistakes. Before building granny flats on the Central Coast in your backyard, there are 3 points you should know, and the following information from Granny Flat Solutions Australia will help.

Granny Flat

3 things to know when building a granny flat

Is it okay if I place one in my backyard?

This is a frequently asked subject, yet there isn’t much material available to help you comprehend what’s included. Please ensure you have enough space in your backyard to house a granny flat when building one. Measure the area you wish to construct on, plan it out, and demarcate it from all sides.

Although this may appear to be a time-consuming procedure, it will make selecting your flat design much simpler afterward. Please remember that governments have particular criteria when it comes to building a granny flat, which leads us to our next point.

Council Regulations

When it comes to creating a granny apartment in your garden, there are several planning and building rules. Because there are distinct overlays on everybody’s land, all councils have various requirements, therefore it’s better if you phone or visit your own municipality; you’ll need to talk with both the housing authority and the planning commission.

Construction departments are more concerned with the structure and the placement of the real flat, which is why a permit is needed. Overlays are handled by the planning department, which will grant planning permission if necessary. Because construction permits are necessary for all granny flats in Australia, this facility should be contained in the final cost of your apartment.

However, because town planning is not needed for everyone, this facility will not be contained in the cost, but the business you choose should be able to provide it.

Granny Flat Backyard

Choosing a Company

Start by searching at layouts that meet your requirements; if you can’t find what you’re searching for, some businesses will help you create your own unit. Look for simple patterns. When looking for layouts, keep in mind that the simpler the architecture, the more cost-effective it will be. Ensure the rooms have enough space, then double-check the list to make ensure it has everything you need.

You can also explore building a smaller house yourself or finding a business that sells kit granny flats, which are prefabricated and cost less. Please ensure that the cost of your granny flat includes the construction permits, house warranty insurance, plans, and specifications, as well as the unit and installation.

Conclusion:- As you can see, there are a few logistics to clear out before you begin constructing a granny flat, but if you follow these three guidelines, the procedure should be rather simple. These self-contained houses are available in a variety of forms and can be inside furnished in any way you like, allowing you to utilize any colors, textures, and products you want.

While granny flats are perfectly fitted to the elderly, they are also highly versatile as a house – whether it’s as a teenage hideaway that you can rent out and make more money from one day, the possibilities are unlimited.