Whether you’re in charge of designing and specifying healthcare facilities or maintaining them, the interior finishes you pick will have an impact on their look, functionality, and patient care quality. For almost 50 years, Rootex Australia has been a wall protection panels supplier to thousands of specifiers and building owners in making their structures safer, long-lasting, more beautiful, and simpler to maintain. Experts always kept up with new legislative requirements, and the item portfolio has changed to meet evolving consumer demands.

By their very nature, crowded healthcare facilities necessitate a high level of interior security. Durability finishes should be chosen from the start to assist maintain upkeep expenditures and avoid any interruption that corrective repairs might cause in operational facilities.

Wall Protection

When creating robust hospital interiors, several elements must be taken into account.

● Finishes must be long-lasting, support infection control procedures, and endure rigorous cleaning regimens without degrading the surface.
● Patients and visitors with mobility problems, mental difficulties, or vision and hearing impairments must be taken into account.
● According to relevant rules and regulations, interior design must fulfill a variety of functional and performance standards.


External Corners

These are high-risk locations that are readily destroyed and, once destroyed, may be an eyesore as well as a possible infection control problem. Installing corner guards, which are accessible in a variety of sizes and angles, is a simple and cost-effective option.

● For low-risk situations, use stick-on corner guards.
● For high destroyed areas, choose models with an aluminum retainer and a flexing cover.
● Consider the corner guards’ ideal height.
● To draw attention to protrusions, use contrasting colors.
● The material should be chosen to suit various locations (PVC-free, PVC, Rubber, Stainless Steel)


Instruments, beds, carts, and even people regularly destroy the walls in busy hospital locations. Interior walls, columns, doors, and other floors prone to damage should be finished with long-lasting, easy-to-clean, and maintain finishes.
● The impact-resistant sheet guards against everyday wear and tear.
● Chips and delamination are not an issue with through-colored goods.
● Small scrapes and abrasions can be hidden with textured alternatives.
● Cleaning routines in sensitive locations are aided by smooth cladding.
● Ensure that the wall linings comply with HTM 05-02’s fire standards.
● To create welcome and relaxing environments, choose durable wall coverings with designs and pictures.


The majority of wall harm occurs at the low or mid-wall levels in key circulation routes and service corridors due to machinery. Extra security in the form of hand/crash rails, crash rails and bump rails may be necessary for certain locations.

● Predict the type and frequency of damage to choose the best choices.
● Determine the size of the trolleys and the potential collision sites before deciding on crash rail placement.
● To keep impact away from the wall, consider placing crash rails on brackets.
● To support the wayfinding approach, use various profile colors.
● The material should be chosen to suit various locations (PVC-free, PVC, Rubber, Stainless Steel)

Wall Protection Panels Supplier

Conclusion:- Rootex Australia is completely aware of the applicable legislative regulations for wall protection as a leading producer and supplier of wall protection systems. The staff of wall protection panels experts will be delighted to visit your site, assess your protection needs, and provide a customized solution to fit your specific requirements. Alternatively, provide a presentation that goes through the main pieces of law in greater depth.