Lilly Pillies, also known as the Australian cherries, is a widely used variety of evergreen hedge that gives edible purple or red fruit. It is so popular that a lot of people buy lilly pilly resilience. These Lilly pillys come in a lot of varieties and are classified as a species grown in the Australian rainforest.

Lilly Pilly was also known as Eugenia and came under the names of Acmena, Resilience, Syzygium, or Waterhouse, click over here to know more about this. Lilly Pilly Resilience is a fast-growing variety of plants. Its characteristics can be easily controlled by changing the ways it is bred. The plant comes with light green foliage accompanied by a reddish bronze growth.

Buying A Lilly Pilly Resilience

The leaves of the plant are glossy. Lily Pilly’s Resilience is well-known for Screening, Hedging, transforming it to ornamental shapes, or creating bonsai creations. The plant can grow up to a height of 5 meters and about 3 meters in width. It is easy to prune the plants and create the desired shape and size. The plant has beautiful white blossoms in the spring season that give edible fruits.

This particular plant is bred in a way that it becomes resistant to a lot of insects and plant diseases, including the Psyllids pests. Lilly pilly, mainly the Resilience variety, is the best suited to create a dense hedge. If left unclipped, they will grow to form a small, beautiful conical tree. The plant is also used for Topiary.

The Main Uses Of Buying A Lilly Pilly Resilience:

  • Best used for Hedging
  • Extensively used for Screening
  • Create beautiful Japanese gardens
  • Create attractive ornamental formal gardens
  • Widely used for Topiary as they can be easily pruned and shaped
  • Provide the desired shelter from wind
  • Protect the home’s privacy by thick Hedging
  • House to the native birds as the birds are attracted by the purple or red berries
  • Lilly pillys make a great view when planted in the garden.

Lilly Pilly Resilience

How To Take Care Of The Plant?

Lilly Pilly Resilience needs to be pruned regularly and lightly to help it grow into a compact and thick plant. If the plant remains unpruned, it will remain a small tree. It can then not be used for the desired screening process and may not appear as visually appealing as desired. The plant can quickly grow in little shade but will grow in a better way if planted in full sun. It will give the plant a better appearance. The plant grows best if you plant it in well-drained, rich soil. It does not need to be overwatered. It will never grow in waterlogged soils. The plant needs organic fertilizers to have good growth.


The glossy green foliage coupled with edible berries, Reddish-bronze new growth, attractive white flowers, easy growth, and simple to maintain Lilly Pilly Resilience is one of the best choices for beautification of the home garden. It can be transformed into beautiful hedges and make the place look visually appealing.