If you are looking for a good air cooling system that is highly budget-friendly, environment-friendly and portable to use, Zen Cooler is the most preferred choice. Highly effective in tackling scorching summer heat, it is considered one of the most powerful handy air conditioner that you can carry wherever you want.

Being energy-efficient, it will lower down your energy bills. Though small and lightweight, it promises to make your environment cooler than ever and ensure your peace of mind. What else, you want in the summers?

Zen Cooler Reviews

How does it function? Now, you might be thinking how this cooling device functions? Unlike other large air conditioners, it is quite easy to install.

All you just need is to just pour water into its tank. Plug the USB into the socket. Soon the fresh cool air will start flowing. The evaporating water in the unit will purify and dehumidify the air of your environment thereby eliminating the pollutant from it.

If you are still struggling to decide if Zen Cooler is worth it for you, below is a breakdown of the pros and cons of this cooling device. It encompasses a lot of amazing features you should know about.

Purification Of The Air Is Now Quite Simple

Zen Cooler is undoubtedly a super-functioning air conditioner for the summers. Being highly effective, it cools the air in a quick span of time. This device is a perfect amalgamation of three prime features- purification of the air, cooling of the air, and dehumidification of the air. These traits make it stand out from its competitors.


Another feature that renders it one of the smartest choices is its affordability. Unlike other air conditioners which causes a dent in the pocket, the Zen Cooler can be easily afforded without breaking the bank. As you know that energy prices are soaring, therefore its electric motor is made up of 100% pure copper which enables the cooler to consume very fewer units of power but produces the best cooling. Consequently, this small air cooler will lead to larger savings on your electricity bills.

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Unlike other coolers with an attached water tank that requires to be filled time and again, the Zen Cooler is extremely user-friendly. It offers high convenience to the user in the sense that it vests in it a huge capability to retain water for about 5-8 hours. Once the tank is filled with water or ice, press the power button ON and enjoy the cool air.

Thanks to its special fluid dynamics design that allows you to enjoy chilly air for a prolonged time. Another cherry on the top is that you don’t need any technical knowledge for its operation. No matter you are an adult or a child, you can operate it without anyone’s assistance.

Aesthetic Value

Being highly functional and effective, it comes with an ergonomic and compact design that adds beauty to your surroundings. Even its attractive color scheme and elegant look can catch anyone’s attention.

Powerful In High Temperature As Well

You might be thinking that being smaller in size, this mini cooler might be useful only for small rooms or effective only during moderate summer conditions. However, you are wrong.

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Though not so bigger than other air conditioners, yet it is designed to function both in moderate as well as high temperature. It comes equipped with powerful blades and a motor due to which it can throw air at a large distance and you can enjoy the chillness no matter how far you are.


It is the most obvious question when you’re going to buy a cooler if the cooler will make noise while operating? There is no doubt in the fact that everyone wants a peaceful environment free from any unwanted noises. Zen cooler functions on this principle. It operates in a smooth and swift manner without causing any noise. However, it is not as quiet as central A/C.


Why many people tend to gravitate towards this small air conditioner? The reason is its portable nature. Weighing just 740 grams, its handling and commissioning is simply an effortless task. You can transport it wherever you want and connect it easily.

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Seamless customer service and a good guarantee period

Investing in Zen Cooler is unquestionably a sound decision. In case you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and expect 60 days money-back guarantee. The service professionals are available 24×7 to solve any related queries and grievances.

Bottom Line:

Now being well acquainted with the pros and cons of Zen Cooler, you can make an informed decision about your purchase. This summer season buys this personal air cooler and make your surroundings a healthy and comfortable place to live in.

This mini air cooler is a perfect device constituting numerous features such as energy efficiency, environment –friendliness, portability, user-friendliness, and affordability. Being handy as well as powerful; this is the best air cooler especially for summer-stricken individuals.

You can place it anywhere in the room and experienced chilly air. Invest in Zen Cooler and breathe the air similar to that of fresh mountains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I carry Zen Cooler wherever I want?

Weighing just 740 grams, Zen Cooler is extremely easy to transport and carry from one place to another. Even it comes equipped with a blade speed controller switch, USB power switch, and built-in water tank having a capacity of 5-8 hours of operation.

Q2. What makes it stand out from other air conditioner coolers?

Zen Cooler incorporates three prime features- purification of air, cooling of the air, and dehumidification of air. These specifications make it stand out from its competitors.

Q3. Is Zen Cooler as noiseless as the central A/C system?

Zen Cooler makes minimal noise while operating. However, if you compare it with a central AC, you will come to know that it not as noiseless as central A/C. But, you can place and use it anywhere inside your living room where you’re sitting or lying and you may enjoy cooling within a few minutes.